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We offer a comprehensive Immigration DNA Test that provides court-admissible evidence for immigration purposes.

If you (also called the Petitioner) are trying to help a family member (the Beneficiary) get into the United States, you may need to prove your relationship through DNA evidence if other evidence (birth certificate, school records, etc.) is insufficient.

Our vast experience with immigration clients and agencies worldwide sets us apart as the most trustworthy provider of DNA testing services for immigration.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), U.S. embassies, and many immigration offices around the world require that DNA parentage tests for immigration purposes be performed by laboratories accredited by AABB.

You can leave it all up to us. We will take care of the whole procedure from the beginning to the end.

Our service includes: Collection of DNA of person in US Back and forth shipping of DNA Kit to foreign country Arranging Collection in Foreign country DNA testing of 2 persons Sending test results to US immigration Service
Why DNA Testing at Unilab Express?
To prove their relationship to each person who wishes to come to the United States (mother/child, father/child, siblings) to the satisfaction of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, a DNA test may be required.

Reliability! We are using the largest provider of DNA Paternity and other DNA tests in the U.S. and worldwide. All samples are tested twice. Our paternity tests offer the highest quality testing available in the industry. Our lab is using robots ensuring highly stringent and efficient handling of DNA samples.
Immigration DNA Test Procedure
Once we have the immigration paperwork, the tested parties’, we will send the beneficiary’s information and a DNA sample collection kit to the appropriate U.S. embassy or panel physician in the foreign country.

The embassy or panel physician will arrange the beneficiary’s sample collection appointment in the foreign country.

For the petitioner within the United States, we will arrange sample collection at one of our locations.

Legally admissible DNA test results and a clear explanation of the results will be sent to the proper immigration authorities and the U.S. petitioner.
US Government INS/DHS Approved
Based on the AABB accreditation our partner has, we are approved by the INS/DHS as a supplier for immigration testing. For immigration cases, paternity or maternity tests may be performed, or a Family Study Test is used to identify a biological relationship other than paternal or maternal. For example, it may be used to test if an aunt or uncle is related to a niece or nephew. Our highly trained staff will discuss each case with you to ensure that the most appropriate "known" relatives are tested and that the best DNA technology is used, in order to provide the most conclusive result.
Countries Served:
UNILAB EXPRESS DNA testing team works with many immigration clients every year. We have the expertise and experience needed to provide accurate, reliable DNA testing to support clients trying to immigrate to the United States.
Argentina Aruba Australia Bahamas
Bangladesh Barbados Bermuda Brazil
Cambodia Cameroon Canada Cayman Islands
Colombia Costa Rica Denmark Dominican Republic
El Salvador Eritreia Ethiopia Fiji
France Germany Ghana Greece
Grenada Guam Guatemala Guyana
Haiti Honduras Hungary India
Ireland Israel Jamaica Jordan
Kenya Kuwait Laos Lebanon
Liberia Mexico Nigeria Oman
Peru Philippines Puerto Rico Senegal
Sierra Leone South Africa Suriname Somalia
Thailand Trinidad Virgin Island Togo
Uruguay Venezuela    

Unilab Express is HIPAA Compliant Unilab Express Satisfaction Guarantee

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