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Is Your Wife/Girlfriend Cheating?
If you suspect that your wife or girlfriend is cheating on you, a DNA test may be the conclusive proof you need to make your next move. Our forensic scientists are experts at finding and identifying body fluids and cells. If she has a male DNA profile on an item of clothing and it is not yours, she may have some explaining to do.
Is Your Husband/Boyfriend Cheating?
We have the expertise to check if female cells are on your husband or boyfriends clothing. If the DNA profile does not match yours, you will have proven what your intuition was telling you.
Degraded/Old DNA Samples.
Degraded samples do not necessarily mean the samples are useless. In fact, unlike paternity DNA testing which requires a detailed DNA profile, infidelity DAN testing can be successful even with degraded profiles. Many times it is only once the laboratory has began testing that you will know whether the sample you provided (that was exposed to for example, chemicals) will yield any results.
What can be determined with Infidelity DNA Testing?
Is the genetic material you have found actually human and is there any genetic material to test? There may be cases where no genetic material is present which could mean it may simply be a food stain or perhaps a stain left by a pet.
Gender of the Donor? DNA Analysts will undertake what is known as multiple gender testing. This means that they need to test to check whether the genetic material found belong to a male or a female.
Two profiles match? Finally, if a stain is found to contain genetic material and a DNA profile is extracted, this needs to be compared to another DNA sample provided to determine if the two profiles match. Thus if for example, you have found a stain but you think there is a chance the stain may be yours, then you can send in the stain and a sample of your own DNA to see if the two match. If the DNA test shows the stain does not match the DNA sample you provide (usually an oral saliva swab) then you simply conclude that the stain belongs to someone else.
Infidelity test or Semen Analysis?
Semen Analysis testing is sent to a lab that specializes in this type of service. Through a 4-step process the lab determines if semen is present or not. The result is a "yes" or "no" answer.

Many customers are looking to not only identify the sample type, but to know if the sample belongs to a specific individual. This type of information can only be obtained through an infidelity test.

For example, while the infidelity result will not indicate whether a stain is semen or not, it will indicate that a DNA sample was contained in the stain, that the sample belongs to either a male or female, and that the sample matches DNA from any other comparative item or the buccal swab (reference sample) submitted.

Consider an infidelity test rather than a semen analysis, or at least in addition to the semen analysis.
What Can Be Used For DNA Test?
Numerous sources of DNA are accepted such as a Q-tip, toothbrush, blood, semen, used condom, etc.

An additional fee may apply for processing these types of DNA samples:
Blood Stains
Cigarette Butts
Clothing (Hats, Baseball caps, Bandana, Underwear)
Dental Floss
Ear Wax
Licked Envelope
Razor Clippings
Used Kleenex
and many more items can be used to extract DNA.
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