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Unilab Express is your  local DNA relationship testing center offering
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All our DNA tests offer 99.999% Accuracy and 100% confidentiality.
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At UNILAB EXPRESS each DNA sample is tested twice. Unlike at-home paternity tests you can buy online where there is room for error; each DNA sample is tested for 16 different DNA markers which gives you the highest accurate test results.

Our professional staff is highly trained to perform DNA Tests and will do all the paperwork for you. We are happy to answer any question you have, and if you make an appointment, we make sure you are in and out in 15 minutes.
Why DNA Testing at Unilab Express?
Reliability! We are using the largest provider of DNA Paternity and other DNA tests in the U.S. and worldwide. All DNA samples are tested twice. Our DNA-Paternity tests offer the highest quality testing available in the industry. Our lab is using robots ensuring highly stringent and efficient handling of DNA samples.
Do All Parties Need To Come Together?
With our National availability and 2000+ collection partners, we can collect DNA Samples from all over the US. The subject parties do not need to come-in together. Unilab Express has the ability to bring the DNA samples together at the lab and conduct the most reliable DNA Testing for you. 
How Long Does It Takes to collect DNA Samples?
Our goal is to have your test, paperwork and payment completed within 15 minutes from the time you walk in the door.

Most DNA results will be ready in 72hrs. (Up to five business days for Court Admissible Tests).
What Can Be Used For DNA Test?
Numerous sources of DNA are accepted such as a Q-tip, toothbrush, blood, semen, used condom, etc.

An additional fee may apply for processing these types of DNA samples:
Blood Stains
Cigarette Butts
Clothing (Hats, Baseball caps, Bandana, Underwear)
Dental Floss
Ear Wax
Licked Envelope
Post Mortem Tissue
Razor Clippings
Used Kleenex
and many more items can be used to extract DNA.
Is Blood More Accurate Than Swab for DNA Testing?
A common misconception is that blood is somehow more accurate than saliva for DNA testing. The reality is an individual's DNA is the same whether their DNA is found in blood or a saliva.
Estate Settlement
DNA Testing can be extremely useful in helping to settle estates and resolve probate disputes. When you suspect that you are related to an individual for whom an estate is being settled, DNA testing can validate a claim. There is a high likelihood that genetic DNA testing will establish whether you are a child of a deceased individual, or a sibling of his or her other living children.

In addition, to protect an estate from false claims by supposed relatives, Unilab Express can assist with DNA identification and preservation for future testing. Also, in many cases, genetic testing in estate matters may be possible even if the deceased did not bank a biological specimen. 
What is DNA?
DNA is Deoxyribonucleic Acid and is the genetic material that is found in the nucleus in most cells in the human body (nuclear DNA). DNA is also found in the energy-producing mitochondria of a cell (mitochondrial DNA).
Court Testimony
All DNA tests are reviewed by a Ph.D. who will provide a written, notarized statement of the lab results and be available for testimony, if needed.
Unilab Express is HIPAA Compliant Unilab Express Satisfaction Guarantee

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