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ANY TIME LAB will provide your company with a corporate account manager, who is responsible maintaining the relationship and providing above standard service.

Our corporate account manager will be your primary contact.
Drug Free Workplace
Establishing a drug free workplace policy will be easy with ANY TIME LAB. We can provide you with all policy documents, training and drug testing programs. We also can implement your program and work as a TPA (Third-party administrator) for your company. With our collection sites, ANY TIME LAB is offering the most convenient solution for your company. Follow the link about employee screening to read more about our screening services.
Pre-Employment Drug Screening
An applicant can be sent to ANY TIME LAB, where a specimen sample is obtained and a immunoassay analysis conducted. Negative results are normally available within 30 minutes through on-Line reporting system. Non-negative specimen will be send to a SAMSHA accredited laboratory for confirmatory testing at no extra cost. Results will be available in 24 hours.
Safety-Sensitive Industries Drug Screening
Employers and employees in fields that affect public safety and national security are, understandable, subject to additional drug testing requirements. (FAA, DOT, US Coast Guard).
Post-Accident Drug Screening
For testing employees after an accident  (or another incident) on the job. This test is generally to protect the company from liability in the event that the individual tested is under the influence at the time of testing. 
Random Drug Testing
Random Drug testing is the best way to make sure your employees comply with your drug testing policies. If your employees know they are subject to frequent and unpredictable drug tests, they are more likely to avoid drugs altogether. Random drug testing is a major deterrent for frequent drug users who are looking for employment. 
Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing
Reasonable suspicion drug testing is required when the supervisor has reasonable cause to believe that a person may be impaired as a result of drug or alcohol use.  
Return-To-Duty Drug Testing
Return to duty testing is a means of enabling employees to come back to work after testing positive for drugs of abuse and subsequently completing an employee assistance program and/or similar substance abuse recovery program. 
Follow-Up Drug Testing
Employees returning to work following treatment for drug and/or alcohol abuse will be subject to unannounced follow-up alcohol and/or controlled substance testing as directed by a substance abuse professional. 
On-Line Results Reporting
ANY TIME LAB is using it's own custom designed drug test results ordering and reporting web application. A major advantage of this web base software is that employers are able to access their employees' test results online, eliminating any difficulties or delays in getting reports. Employers can login to see their test history with dates and results quickly.
On-Site Services
Specimen collection and testing services based upon your needs is core to our business. We will come to place of your business for services just call us to make an appointment. Some On-site services are listed below:
Drug Testing (Random, After Accident)
Vitamin B12 Injections
Company-wide immunizations.
Specimen Collection for Wellness services
FDLE Level II Fingerprinting
Court Testimony
All drug tests ordered with chain of custody at ANY TIME LAB include a third party physician review and confirmation. The physician reviewing/confirming the results is available to attend court and provide testimony regarding test method reliability and test results.

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