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ANY TIME LAB will provide your company with a corporate account manager, who is responsible maintaining the relationship and providing above standard service.

Our corporate account manager will be your primary contact.
Drug Free Workplace
Establishing a drug free workplace policy will be easy with ANY TIME LAB. We can provide you with all policy documents, training and drug testing programs. We also can implement your program and work as a TPA (Third-party administrator) for your company. With our collection sites, ANY TIME LAB is offering the most convenient solution for your company. Follow the link about employee screening to read more about our screening services.
FDLE Level II Fingerprinting (Livescan)
HUNILAB EXPRESS is an authorized live scan fingerprints provider for the Florida Department Of Law Enforcement (FDLE) for fingerprinting and the FBI. We provide always perfect scans. Our green spectrum light source (scanner) allows for use under any light, or no light at all. We serve companies such as Real Estate licensing, Schools, Nursing Homes, Youth Camps, Home health care agencies, volunteers. Our fingerprints are accepted by AHCA, DCF, DOEA and other state agencies.
Background Check Services
UNILAB EXPRESS team of experts will help you customize a background check package within your budget, time and industry needs in mind. We provide timely courthouse searches combined with our national criminal database searches. Instant results are available on most searches. Some popular searches are:
Criminal Records
Education Verification
Social Security Number Trace
Driving History
Wants and warrants
Civil Records.
Company Wellness Programs
Company Flu Shots: By having flu vaccines administered at your place of work, employees won't have to take a trip to the doctor's office, and won't have an excuses for not getting the flu shots.
Wellness Screenings: Corporate health and wellness programs have been shown to dramatically increase employee morale, improve employee health, reduce workers compensation claims, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. Employee wellness programs have also been shown to reduce the cost of providing healthcare to employees.
Executive Wellness Packages: ANY TIME LAB offers cancer screening, full body screening and other concierge programs for executive management at your company.
Employee Vaccinations: Whether vaccinations are required for your line of work, or your travelling employees need travel vaccinations, ANY TIME LAB will administer all necessary vaccinations for your company employees.
Environmental Testing: Workers that are exposed to heavy metals can be at risk developing toxic conditions. Occupational exposure to heavy metals should be monitored for employees in high risk industries. It is also important to establish a baseline for employment purposes.
On-Line Results Reporting
UNILAB EXPRESS is using it's own custom designed drug test results ordering and reporting web application. A major advantage of this web base software is that employers are able to access their employees' test results online, eliminating any difficulties or delays in getting reports. Employers can login to see their test history with dates and results quickly.
Job Boards
UNILAB EXPRESS offers web based recruiting services. You no longer need to post individual online job openings, simply promote a link to your job board. Online customized employment applications are EEOC compliant. Besides filling out the applications, applicants can upload their resumes. Selected applicants can be background screened by clicking one single button.
On-Site Services
Specimen collection and testing services based upon your needs is core to our business. We will come to place of your business for services just call us to make an appointment. Some On-site services are listed below:
Drug Testing (Random, After Accident)
Vitamin B12 Injections
Company-wide immunizations.
Specimen Collection for Wellness services
FDLE Level II Fingerprinting

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