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Processing applicants for background checks should be simple, fast and minimum submission rejections.

We know that you are waiting for your background check to clear in order to start a job or become a volunteer to help others.

At our sister company Advanced Screening Services, we take this very seriously and that is why we use the best in the industry hardware with most intuitive graphical user interface.

AHCA - Florida Agency For HealthCare Administration
Health care providers/facilities licensed by the AHCA are required as of August 1, 2010 to screen most employees and contractors for Level 2 (state and federal fingerprint criminal background checks) and determine if the person has an “eligible” criminal history prior to beginning employment.
AHCA Screening Results Retrieval: A user code and password is necessary for entry into this system. Each provider will maintain their current user code; however, a new password is required. In order to obtain a new password, each provider wishing to access the system must complete and return a User Agreement.
If you have already completed the user agreement you may login at: https://apps.ahca.myflorida.com/bgsweb/
DCF - Florida Department Of Children and Families
Beginning August 1, 2010 HB 7069 took effect and changed critical aspects of the current background screening process. The most significant change to our providers is that employers will not be able to employ applicants for positions of special trust or responsibility until the applicants are cleared by a complete background screen to include a fingerprint-based search of criminal records in Florida and nationally. In order to timely meet the needs of our partners, the Department is requesting that providers ask applicants to submit fingerprints using electronic LiveScan through private vendors such as Advanced Screening Services. LLC.
Live Scan submission form can be printed here:
Regional Contact: You need to contact your regional coordinator to obtain those numbers. A list of regional contacts is located on the DCF background screening web site.
http://www.dcf.state.fl.us/admin/backgroundscreening/docs/Regional Contacts.pdf
DOEA - Florida Department Of Elder Affairs
As of August 1, 2010, the laws governing background screening of individuals who work with certain vulnerable Floridians, including elders, have been significantly modified.
Applicants: You will receive the forms from your potential employer or the agency requesting the screening. You must complete the requested information contained in the Live Scan Fingerprinting Form. You must also sign the Attestation Form and the Affidavit of Good Moral Character.
Employers: The potential employer or agency requesting the screening must complete the requested information contained in the bottom right corner of the Appointment Form, including a phone number and email address where the employer can be contacted regarding the background screening. You must also sign the Attestation Form and the Affidavit of Good Moral Character. Take the form to a Advanced Screening Services and complete the fingerprinting process.
Advanced Screening Services: We will complete the “Screener” section of the form, including providing our TCN number.
Go to http://elderaffairs.state.fl.us/english/backgroundscreening.php and find the appropriate forms that apply to your situation.
VECHS - Florida Volunteer Employee Criminal History System
The Volunteer and Employee Criminal History System was initiated in 1999 by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. VECHS (pronounced "vecks") is an acronym for the Volunteer & Employee Criminal History System at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).
Through the VECHS program, FDLE and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) provide to qualified organizations (not individuals) in Florida state and national criminal history record information on applicants, employees, and volunteers. With this criminal history information, the organizations can more effectively screen out those current and prospective volunteers and employees who are not suitable for contact with children, the elderly, or the disabled.
APD - Agency for Persons with Disabilities
Level 2 Live Scan Background Screening, including CDC+, Medicaid Waiver, Support Coordinators and Group Homes.
DBPR - Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations
Level 2 Live Scan Background Screening for Real Estate Sales and Brokers, Real Estate Appraisers, General Contractor, Community Association Managers, Alcoholic, Beverages and Tobacco, Home Inspectors, Mold Remediation or Assessment, Talent Agents, Athlete Agents, Employee Leasing, Slot Machine, Yacht and ship brokers License Applicants
The S.A.F.E. Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008 requires applicants for loan originator licenses, mortgage broker licenses and mortgage lender licenses to submit fingerprints to FDLE for a state and national background check. This mandate becomes effective October 1, 2010.
DHSMV - Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
Level 2 Live Scan Background Screening for Motor vehicle, mobile home and recreational vehicle dealers' licensees, Commercial driving school instructors, agents and employees

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