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Meconium is just a fancy, scientific name for poop.

Meconium is actually the earliest stool an infant passes after birth.
Why Meconium Testing?
Meconium will show what the mother has ingested during pregnancy. Meconium test is ordered if mother is suspect using alcohol or drugs during pregnancy. Meconium testing results can be used legally on child protection cases and other law enforcement services.

Meconium documents multiple use over an extended period of time, covering the last 4-5 months of pregnancy. Substance abuse during pregnancy can cause birth defects, early diseases, ADHD and many more complications for the newborn. A mother who is using drugs during pregnancy may create other complications in the new borns social life as well.
Meconium test Procedure
The first stool of the baby will is collected in a sterile environment at the hospital and analyzed at the lab. Meconium test is a 10 Panel Drug Test using limit of detection principles. The meconium test does not includes cut-off levels since a newborn should not have ingested any drugs and similar.
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