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Computerized Regulation Thermography

When should you get tested?
Thermography can be utilized by women of all ages. It is not limited by breast density and is ideal for women who have had cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. Cancer typically has a 15 year life span from onset to death. Ideally, women should begin thermographic screenings by age 25. A woman diagnosed with breast cancer at age 40 possibly had the cancer as early as age 30. Since most women do not have a mammogram until age 40, there is a critical time period from age 25 to 39 that thermography could be extremely beneficial.

Does Breast Thermography Replace Mammography?
Pre-cancerous and cancerous cells have increased metabolic demands, causing an increase in bloodflow and cellular activity, this will increase heat in the local area. Mammography is an Anatomical Test, which shows actual lump formation or calcification. These tests are working on different principles and are not replacements for one and another. Thermography is best used adjunctively with mammogram for the most accurate breast health screening. The FDA is not aware of any valid scientific data to show that thermographic devices, when used on their own, are an effective screening tool for any medical condition including the early detection of breast cancer or other breast disease.
How does Thermography work?
Unlike mammography, there is no radiation and no compression of the breast; two significant reasons some women refuse mammography. Thermography measures temperature changes in the body. Tumors create their own blood vessels. Where there are more blood vessels, there is more heat. It is in these areas on the body that the camera detects changes in heat or temperature. 
Why is Thermography Helpful?
Thermography allows you to see if and where these imbalances are in your body. Remember that no illness occurs in isolation, by itself. There are always patterns of dysfunction. These eventually lead to symptoms of illness, often after years of dysfunction. It is these patterns of dysfunction that the holistic practitioner attempts to define to provide guidance in a successful treatment program. True healing requires a change in lifestyle. Many of the imbalances in function that are seen on a thermogram are due to lifestyle imbalances over many years. With thermography, we can identify the patterns of illness that these lifestyle imbalances have impressed upon the system. Then, treatment can be better guided towards a successful direction.
What can be screened with Computerized Regulation Thermography?
Computerized Regulation Thermography, or CRT, is an FDA approved, objective and non-invasive way of evaluating your body's functions. It is the EKG of the natural physician. CRT represents one of several objective diagnostic evaluations in integrative medicine. It is a medical imaging method that supplies information as meaningful as MRI and X-ray, and is safe and non-invasive. Over 1500 physicians in Europe use CRT. Thermography has over 12,000 citations and studies held within current medical journals. This particular device evaluates your body functions by a direct temperature measurement probe instead of measuring thermal radiation. The result is a scanning method that is much more precise than any other thermographic system. It maps out the complete autonomic nervous system as it projects to and from each organ or tissue. With this form of thermography, we can finally see what the body is doing long before it becomes dysfunctional enough to create an irreversible problem. This is not diagnosing disease, but rather identifying the patterns that lead to disease, so that these patterns can be successfully treated.
Who performs the Breast & Medical Thermography?
Your thermogram at Unilab Express will be performed by our Naturopathic Physician Dr. Carola Cuenca. Dr. Carola Cuenca practices Natural Medicine and Homeopathy in Santa Cruz and Los Angeles. Dr. Carola is a fully accredited Naturopathic Practitioner, and uses a holistic approach to help patients regain optimum health. Dr. Carola visits South Florida frequently. Make your appointment for your screening. It's only $495 
Is Breast & Medical Thermography Safe?
Thermography emits nothing, it only takes an image. Nothing touches you and it is quick and painless. This all makes Thermography great for frequent screening with no chance of danger.
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